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Цепи для гоночного велосипеда BMX

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How to pick the right Race BMX chain

The chain is a pretty essential part of a race BMX bike. The chain is the part responsible for transferring the power from the front chainring to the rear sprocket. It’s vital getting a good start and get into speed - one of the key factors that decide if you win or lose a race.

Half link vs. single speed - what to chose for a race BMX?

When you get a new chain, there’s always one big question to ask yourself: Should I buy a half link chain or a single speed chain.

Both types of chains have their pros and cons. The difference is in it short, that half link chain makes it possible to make finer adjustments to the length of the chain than the single speed chain offers.

The single speed chain on the other hand usually weighs a little less. This is also why race BMX riders often choose the single speed chain to save weight. The race BMX chains are less exposed than freestyle BMX chains; this is why the weight is of higher importance than the durability.

When it comes to Race BMX chains, you want to keep the tensioned fairly tight, as you will develop a bit of chain. In that way, you’ll reduce the risk of chain whip, which can result in you being thrown in the handlebar or crash.

In this category, you’ll find chains for your Race BMX from brands such as Shadow Interlock, Odyssey, BSD and Cult.

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