Aggressive Grind wheels

Aggressive Grind Wheels for Rails, Boxes and More

Grind wheels, as the name implies, are made for grinding in aggressive skating. They are not for rolling on and which is why the wheels are significantly harder and smaller than normal aggressive wheels. While normal inline skate wheels can have a wheel hardness of around 80 - 90 on the durometer scale, aggressive skate wheels are made to be as hard as possible. The wheel hardness is normally above 100A. 

The reason why hard inline grind wheels are used for grinding is because the wheels can consistently slide on rails, boxes and other objects without abruptly gripping the surface. Softer wheels create more friction and can cause the skater to lose balance and fall. If you are riding with an anti rocker frame, as well as changing the grind wheels, you can change the front and back regular aggressive skate wheels when it’s time to upgrade.

Another product that can improve the smoothness of your grinds is Skate Wax.

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