Kids ski poles

Kids adjustable ski poles

Ski poles are a good help to move forward on flat ground and also helps to keep better balance. A good idea when you buy kids ski poles is to go for ski poles that are adjustable so they can be used for several seasons. The very young children usually start without ski poles, but soon they will like ski poles like the older children and adults. At the end of the shaft, which is put in the snow, there is a round plastic basket. This basket helps to prevent the ski pole from sinking significantly into deep snow.

Aluminum kids poles

Most kids ski poles are made of aluminum, which fits perfect for small children. They have a good and light weight at a good price, and meet all the needs the child may have.

How long should ski poles for kids be?

It is better for a ski pole to a bit too short than a bit too long. A rule of thumb to find the optimal length of kids ski pole is that when you put ski pole in the snow, the forearm must be horizontal. To check the length exactly, you can turn the shaft upside-down and grab the pole just below the plastic basket and let the pole hit the ground. Then the forearm should also be horizontal.

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