Sunglasses - Роликовые коньки

Линза для погодных условий

Skating Sunglasses for Improved Visibility

Wearing a pair of sunglasses will make sure that you look and feel good when out on your inline skates. You can almost think of them as another type of protection - Wearing sunglasses will give you protection from UV rays and make sure that you clearly see the path in front of you. What’s more, using sunglasses will also help keep out whatever comes your way, whether that is wind, rain, or insects.

In this category, there is a big variety of inline skating glasses including, casual, retro and more performance-oriented designs. With some of the models, you will be able to choose between different colors for the lens, as well as the frames. 

Another handy piece of apparel to have on the sunnier days is a Skate Cap.

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