Nordic Tune Shark Boa Ski Gloves

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The Leki Nordic Tune Shark Boa ski gloves for cross-country skiing might be one of the most technical gloves in the market.

They feature technologies such as the Boa fitting system, the Trigger S 2.0 Shark mechanism, and the MF Touch solution.

Boa is a smart and easy-to-use dial fitting system that ensures a tight and very comfortable fit.

You can use these gloves with every ski poles on the market but you can also choose to combine it with Leki ski poles with the Trigger S 2.0 Shark mechanism. This system allows you, via an integrated little loop at the lower part of the thumb, to connect into the poles. This way your grip and control is optimized so power transfer at every stroke with the poles will provide you with high amount of forward motion. If you need a sip from your drinking bottle - simply click the top pole button - and you're off to use your hand.

If you are in need of using your mobile device the tips of the gloves are prepared for that as well with the MF Touch finish.

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