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Get Some Upgrades With BMX Wheel Parts

There are many parts to a BMX bike wheel, and riders often have to get replacements in order to keep their bike running smoothly. Parts such as BMX spokes can easily get damaged, so it is good to have some spare pieces available that you can install without having to buy a whole new wheel. You can save time and money by doing this yourself, but if you are in doubt, bring the replacement parts to a bike shop where they can install them for you.

What Size BMX Spokes Do I Need?

Whether you are buying a BMX spoke kit to build a new wheel or just replacing broken spokes, you will need to know what spoke length to choose. The two important details you need for this are the brand and model of your BMX hub and BMX rim. These details can then be entered into an online spoke calculator that will work out the correct length of spoke you need. The mathematics behind the calculator can be quite complicated, which is why this is the easiest way to get your answer.

You will also find other BMX hardware here, that is necessary for building or replacing wheel parts. BMX rim tape, front hubs, and axle nuts are all important components of the wheel that you can easily change.

If you feel that you would rather just replace the entire front or rear wheel, then check out our Complete BMX Wheels.

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