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How Do You Maintain a Cruiser Board?

Although it may not be the most fun task, maintaining your cruiser board is important for having the best riding experience. Taking care of your board can be anything from avoiding riding in wet conditions to cleaning your griptape. In this category, you’ll see a selection of tools that will help you keep your cruiser setup in top shape.

To get the best out of your cruiser board, making small adjustments to the trucks can make all the difference. Skating with tighter trucks is recommended if you want to ride at speed or if you just want a more stable setup. In contrast, riding with looser trucks will give you better turn. To adjust how tight your trucks are, simply play around with the kingpin nut that is at the center of each truck.

The easiest way to adjust the trucks and wheels on your board is by using a cruiser skateboard tool. These handy appliances contain various tools such as Allen keys, wrenches and thread cutters all on one easy to hold setup.

If you’re looking for ways to brighten up your cruiser, then check out our Cruiser Skateboard Merchandise.

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