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Are you looking for a new set of bindings to optimize your water ski skills? Or maybe you are looking for your first set of bindings? No matter what your skill level is we have a set of bindings, that will fit your need.

There are many opinions on the water ski bindings, and some believe, that a certain type of water ski bindings are better to prevent injuries, while some are of the exact opposite opinion. Basically, there are three different types of bindings for water skis. Front high-wrap, double high-wrap, and adjustable bindings.

Front high-wrap bindings come with a rear toe plate. This is a very versatile water ski binding and is great if you have multiple skiers taking turns on the same ski. This is a good choice if you are a beginner.

Double high-wraps are also known as custom bindings. These bindings for water skis offer better control and enhanced performance but are not suitable if you have multiple skiers on the same ski. Double high-wrap great for advanced to experienced skiers.

Adjustable bindings can, as the term indicates, be suited and adjusted to fit each rider. This kind of water ski binding offers the best control and makes you perform better on the water. Adjustable bindings are pricey but are worth the extra buck. Beneficial to skiers of all ability levels.

Materials for water ski bindings

When it comes to materials, there are two popular types. Traditional rubber and EVA foam. Rubber water ski bindings are great for beginners since they offer a soft and comfortable fit that provides great control for the skier.

The EVA-foam bindings are a bit stiffer, and therefore provides the waterskier with more edge control on the water. Therefore it is more suitable for skiers that have some experience. That being said, beginners can use EVA foam bindings, but it might be difficult for them to stay in control on the water since the binding is remarkably stiff.

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