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Do BMX Riders Wear Elbow Pads?

BMX elbow pads are worn by riders of all levels and styles. They are particularly popular for people who ride in dirt tracks, skate parks and vert, but many regular flatland riders choose to wear them for added protection and confidence. Elbows are bony joints, filled with many nerves, so proper padding covering them can save you from both minor and major injuries.

All the elbow pads you find in the category are designed to be impact-resistant and give you the best freedom of movement. The materials used in BMX elbow guards have moisture-wicking properties, allowing your skin to breathe. This makes it possible to wear them all day.

Choose Between Two Kinds of BMX Elbow Protection

BMX elbow pads with the classic hard cap shell offer the highest level of protection. Soft padding is used against the skin, while the hard cap sits on the outside. BMX Pads without a hard cap are known as elbow gaskets. This soft shell padding is not as protective but much more lightweight and can be worn under your BMX Clothing. They also offer more comfort and freedom of movement. The two equivalent forms can also be found in BMX Knee Pads.

As well as protecting the elbows and knees, the lower legs are another area that is vulnerable to injury while riding BMX. Check out the protection for BMX Shin and Ankle Guards.

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