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How do elbow pads protect you when you ride BMX bikes?

Actually, your elbows can be very vulnerable if you crash on your BMX, especially if you are into riding dirt tracks, race BMX, vert or bowl.

If you hurt your elbow, it can take a long time to recover and give you a serious amount of problems.

With a pair of BMX elbow guards, you will not only keep your elbows safe, but you'll also get the extra confidence to push yourself to the limit.

All the BMX elbow pads you find in the category are designed to give you the best possible freedom of movement. The materials that the BMX elbow guards are made of allows your skin to breathe, making it possible to wear them for a long time - even in hot weather.

Choose between two kinds of BMX elbow protection

You'll find classic hard caps BMX elbow pads in this category. These are good if you are riding dirt jumps and so on. Furthermore, they are perfect for the newcomer, who wants optimal protection.

But keep in mind that though classic hard cap BMX elbow guards are anatomically shaped, they do limit your movement a bit.

A lot of riders, especially freestyle riders choose to use soft BMX elbow protection. The benefits are that it allows you to move 100% freely and also can be worn underneath your clothing.

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