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BMX Knee Pads Are the Most Important Leg Protection

Landing on your knees is one of the most common ways to fall in most action sports, including BMX riding. BMX knee pads, also known as knee gaskets, protect your knees from the hardest slams on the street and can save you from serious injuries that would keep you off your bike for months. They are definitely recommended for beginners, but experienced riders should also protect themselves as they perform more complicated tricks.

Hard Knee Pads vs. Soft Knee Pads

These are the two main categories that knee pads are split into when riding BMX bikes. Depending on your type of riding and/or your preference, one option will be better than the other.

To get maximum protection, hard knee pads will be the best choice to reduce injury. The hard shell is able to absorb heavier falls because of its durable construction. For BMX riders that like to get airborne in the park, this heavy-duty option is the safest. Some models come with protection that extends down the shinbone, which are called BMX leg pads.

Soft knee pads offer a more comfortable fit as they sit more snug around your knees. They are more lightweight and less bulky than the hard-shelled versions, so riders have the nice option to wear the pads over or under their jeans.

Protecting your knees with either soft or hard knee pads is a wise choice. We rely on these joints to get around in daily life, so it is important to look after them as best we can. To see our choice of protection for the lower leg, check out BMX Shin and Ankle Guards.

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