Insoles Provide More Comfort on Rollerskis

Rollerski insoles are worn to provide support and comfort for your feet while skiing on the asphalt. Similar to cross country skiing, rollerskiing can often be hard work for the feet as they are in constant motion with the classic or skating styles. Adding a pair of insoles or footbeds can improve comfort greatly and increase your rollerskiing performance.

The purpose of rollerskiing inserts is to secure your feet in the boot and reduce movement. This is done by providing arch support and heel support so that the feet cannot move back or forth, or side to side. While rollerskiing, you can work up a lot of sweat in your rollerski boots, so a pair of insoles with good ventilation will help keep the temperature down.

Protect Your Feet With Rollerski Boot Covers

If you are brave enough to get the rollerskis out when the weather conditions are less than ideal, you should own a pair of rollerski boot covers. They act as an outer shell for the rollerski boots that protect your feet from wind, rain and cold temperatures. The layer of protection will preserve your boots and prevent them from deteriorating. It also shields them from any dirt or muddy puddles that you may come across on some pavements.

The sizing of rollerski boot covers follow the same sizing as rollerski boots. Choose the same size as your boots and you will be ready to roll. Boot covers can be used on both classic and skating style boots. If you are interested in seeing our collections of boots, head over to Rollerski Boots.

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