Bushings Built for Cruising

Cruiser board bushings are what help make your board turn smoothly. They are small rings made out of polyurethane that you will find in your skateboard trucks. They can be divided into two main types, cone bushings or barrel bushings. For cruisers, the most commonly seen bushing setups are cone-cone and barrel-cone.

The biggest thing to consider when buying new bushings is the hardness (durometer). This is the same scale that is used for skate wheels, with the higher the number the harder the bushing. Using softer bushings, you will be able to get deeper, carving turns whereas a harder bushing will provide more stability, allowing you to reach higher speeds. The right hardness of cruiser bushings is dependent on your weight. Starting at around 78A for younger, lighter riders, it's common however to ride with a durometer of around 90A.

What Size Are Penny Board Bushings?

Don’t let the size of a penny board deck confuse you! The great thing about bushings is that they are universal in size and design, so you can use the same bushings that you would use for a regular-sized cruiser board or skateboard for your penny board.

Looking to get more height on your cruiser board? Then check out our Cruiser Riser Pads.

Cruiser Pivot Cups for a Smoother Ride

Cruiserboard pivot cups are small bits of urethane that are found between your truck’s hanger and baseplate. They are what allow your trucks to turn smoothly and withstand the pressure created when turning.

There’s a range of different pivot cups on the market but these can all be broadly divided between soft or hard pivot cups. To get that cruising feeling, many skaters will go for softer cups. If you want to know how hard your pivot cups are, then you will need to check their durometer rating.

When Should I Replace My Pivot Cups?

There is no specific timeframe for how long your pivot cup will last as it depends on how often you use your cruiser board. However, when you see signs of wear, especially at the bottom, and the truck is making more noise than normal, then it is an indication that they need replacing. If you’re worried that you’re needing to change pivot cups too regularly, then using lubrication or wax can help them last longer.

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