Brakepads for Roller Skates

Stay in Control With a New Toe Stop

Stop right there! Having a toe stopper is important for stopping and slowing down on your roller skates. With a toe stopper, you elevate yourself off the back wheels so your skates don’t roll. Quad skate toe stops are found at the front of the skate and are made up of two components: the stopper and the threaded stem.

There are two types of toe stoppers: bolt-on stoppers and adjustable toe stops. Bolt-on toe stops contain a small hole and are connected to the plate with a screw that runs through the stopper. Adjustable toe stops can be set to different lengths so they can better suit your personal preference. It’s important to note that which one you use is dependent on how this part of the plate is constructed, known as the toe stop housing.

To stop correctly with roller skate stoppers, you need to lift your back leg heel, and then slowly apply pressure to the toe stop by dragging your leg forward. When doing this, make sure that you distribute your weight so that it is on the leg not doing the stopping.

How to Change Roller Skate Toe Stops

Even though most roller skates will come with a pre-assembled toe stop, they take a lot of wear and tear and will need to be replaced at some point. Ideally, you want to replace your stoppers before they become too worn out.

The tools you need depend on the model of toe stop you have. The first thing you need to do is thread the stopper onto the plate with the lock nut and washer if needed. If you have adjustable toe stops, you will be able to change the height of your stopper once it is attached. Before you get out skating, double-check that everything is screwed in tightly.

With inline skates, a different braking system is used, so check out our Roller Blade Brakes.

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