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Roller ski equipment and roller ski parts to keep you rolling

Like every other vehicle for transportation, a set of roller skis also needs some maintenance. Even if you take good care of your roller ski equipment, you will at some point need to replace some of the roller ski parts. One of the first things that might need a replacement is the bearings. Most skates, skateboards and stunt scooters use the same bearings, but the bearings for roller skis is usually a bit bigger. Another big difference on the rear wheel is the needle bearing that might also have to be replaced.

Besides the bearings, this category holds every part needed to keep your roller skis rolling, but we always recommend that you use a little time after each session to clean your roller skis and lubricate the moving parts of the wheel setup. This will both give you a smoother ride, but it will also expand the lifetime and durability of the roller ski parts - postponing a replacement, saving you some money in the long run.

Some need to use roller ski brakes

There are several different roller ski brakes on the market, and not all roller skiers even use a braking system, since there are various other ways of bringing your roller skis to a full stop. For beginners, we always recommend a roller ski brake system, since there's a lot of other technical aspects of roller skiing that you want to focus on learning in the beginning of your roller ski “career”.

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