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Точность подшипника


Kick Scooter Bearings for a Smooth Ride

Scooter bearings make sure that your wheels rotate freely and fast. Each wheel needs two bearings, and although your scooter will come with them assembled, they will wear down over time and need replacing. Each bearing will house small balls inside, which help distribute the weight load when riding.

Push scooter bearings are usually made from steel or ceramic. Steel bearings are the most popular as they are durable and will work fine for regular day-to-day use. Ceramic bearings generate less heat and friction and can often spin faster compared to steel. However, steel bearings are nearly always the more affordable option.

What to Look for With Scooter Bearings

When looking for scooter bearings you will see the term “ABEC” regularly. This is essentially a measurement of the quality of the bearing on a scale of 1-9. The higher the number, then the greater degree of “precision” of the bearing, meaning that it should achieve smoother rotations. However, bearings with a lower ABEC rating are likely to be super robust, so just because a bearing has a lower rating does not mean that it won't work for your setup.

You will also see the number 608 frequently. This is referring to the size of the bearing. It’s by far the most common bearing size for scooters, skateboards and skates with an inner diameter of 8mm, and an outer diameter of 22mm.

To make sure that you’re not having to change bearings regularly, have a look at our Bearing Cleaning and Lubrication Guide to help keep them maintained. If you think that your scooter could do with a new set of wheels, then check out our Kick Scooter Wheels category.

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