Boat tubes


What Are Boat Tubes?

Boat tubes, also known as water tubes or towable tubes, are inflatable tubes normally attached to a motorboat. Secured by a rope running through an anchoring point, boat tubes are specifically designed for recreational purposes. They vary in size and can be used by up to four people. Single and double rider water tubes can be inflated using a normal foot or hand pump. Larger tubes will require an inflator with stronger output.

Choosing the Right Boat Tube

You must first consider who is going to ride the tube. Determine their size and the number of people that you want to pull with your boat. Consider a tube where children or adults can comfortably sit in and not on. Sitting in the towable tube will make little ones and grown-ups feel in control during the ride. In addition, there is no risk for people to fall off in case they lose grip on the handles.

How to Remain Safe While Tubing

Boat tubes are great fun but it’s important to stay safe. Remember to inflate your boat towable tube properly. Partially inflated tubes create drag on the water, causing strain on the tube’s tow point and rope.

Wear a life jacket even if you are an experienced swimmer, the currents on which boat tubes travel can overwhelm a person if it gets knocked into the water. Do not use ski ropes for your towable tubes. They were never designed for this purpose and can break the towable tube while pulling with your boat.

If you are on the lookout for life jackets and impact vests, check our Water Sports Protection page.

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