Roller Hockey wheels

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What Roller Hockey Wheels Should I Use?

It sounds obvious, but when getting new inline hockey wheels you will need to get ones that are the same size as your existing set. Roller hockey frames often have a special setup where each wheel on your skate can be a different size.

To avoid confusion, many frames will label the optimal wheel size. So for instance, if you have a hi-lo wheel setup, then this could appear like: 80-80-76-76. These numbers are referring to the wheel diameter in millimeters. This setup would mean your two rear wheels would need to be 80mm and the front wheels would be 76mm - as a rule, the biggest wheels are always mounted at the back of the frame.

Indoor vs Outdoor Roller Hockey Wheels

You will get the most enjoyment from roller hockey if you use a set of wheels specifically designed for indoor or outdoor. Indoor hockey skate wheels are softer, usually with a durometer (wheel hardness) between 72A-76A. These softer wheels will provide a better grip on smooth indoor surfaces. Outdoor hockey wheels typically have a durometer rating of 80A and over, so they can endure the hard, concrete surfaces.

Can you use wheels for both? In theory, yes. Multisurface wheels can be used both indoors and outdoors and usually have a durometer of 78A or 80A. However, you will find that players who play hockey both outdoors and indoors are likely to have a separate set of wheels for both.

With hockey wheel sets, it’s often the case that they come without bearings and spacers, so make sure you get the best performance with our Roller Hockey Bearings.

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