Ботинки для сноуборда

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Snowboard boots are an important part of your snowboarding gear. Snowboard boots that are too hard, too soft, not warm enough or simply don't fit will only prevent you from performing your best. The bindings and the snowboard often get all the attention, but the snowboard boots are an important part of your overall snowboard experience.

The fit of snowboard boots

Every movement of your snowboard depends on the movements of your feet. Because of that, snowboard boots should fit tight around the foot so that the tips of the toes barely touch the tip of the boot. It is preferable that the heel is placed firmly in the boot, so that you can hardly lift it. After some time the inner boot will be shaped after your foot and it can easily expand half a size, so it might be a good idea to buy snowboard boots that are half a size smaller than your normal shoe size.

Lacing systems

There are three lacing systems:

  • Traditional shoelaces: Ordinary laces, easy to replace.
  • The speed lacing system: Consists of one or two laces that only require a single pull in order to tie the entire boot.
  • Boa lacing system: Steel wires tightened with an easy closing system.

Rigidity of the snowboard boots

Stiff snowboard boots generally offer fast response and extra support to heavier snowboarders. They are built for faster and more aggressive riding on the snowboard, while softer snowboard boots are meant for beginners and riders with only a little experience, simply because they are more forgiving.

Generally bigger riders and very experienced riders will prefer stiff snowboard boots while smaller and inexperienced riders may prefer soft boots.

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