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What Is a Surfboard Bag For?

Surfboard bags prevent damages that your boards may sustain outside of the water. Dings on the tail and surface, delamination and dewaxation are among the most common accidents occurring to uncovered boards. Also, a good surf bag or SUP bag will ensure protection from the elements - mainly the sun’s UV rays and heat that can make the color of your board fade over time.

Are There Different Surfboard Bags?

There are three types of surfboard bags - socks, day board bags and travel bags. Surfboard socks are soft and lightweight woven fabric covers less than two millimeters thick. Day board bags are the most common, they are lightweight, padded and perfect for protecting your surfboard. Surfboard travel bags are ten millimeters thick in padding and are suitable for longer trips.

What Surfboard Bag Size Should I Get?

You should get a bag that easily stores and properly protects your board. Too small and tight, and your board will be susceptible to dings. A bag too big will feel too loose and will make boards very uncomfortable to transport. Before choosing your next surfboard bag, check the length, width and thickness of your board. Length will determine the size of your bag. It is recommended to get a bag the same size or two inches bigger than your board.

Width and thickness affect more the style of bag you’ll need. Every board is different depending on the water sports discipline, and if it’s not apparent the style of bag your board will fit in, you can compare dimensions to decide.

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