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Secure Your Bike With a BMX Lock

There’s a good chance that you have spent a lot on your BMX so you want to make sure you can lock it safely and securely. There are a few types of BMX bike locks on the market that offer different degrees of security. Wire, cable and chain locks are all convenient to carry around and ideal for use if you just need to lock your bike for a short time. 

A more secure option is a shield lock. Sometimes referred to as either a D lock or a U lock, these are usually made out of steel making them practically impossible to cut or saw through. If you’re going to be leaving your bike out overnight, then this is the safest option to go for. 

How Do You Lock a BMX Bike?

The safest way to lock your bike is to make sure that the lock goes through your rear wheel, frame and whatever you are attaching it to (e.g. bike rack, streetlights). Of course, how you lock it depends on the type of lock you have. If you have a shorter lock then you will maybe only be able to wrap it around only one of the wheels or frame.

Remember, it’s important to do this right! If it’s not locked correctly then it could still be vulnerable to being stolen.

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