Pucks For Ice Hockey

No Ice Hockey Without An Ice Hockey Puck

The hockey puck is the all-important piece of equipment that ice hockey players use to dribble, pass and score goals with in an ice hockey game. It is small and cylinder-shaped with the official size being 1 inch (25 mm) thick, 3 inches (76 mm) in diameter, and a weight between 5.5 and 6 ounces (156 and 170 g). Puck weight and size can vary, but these numbers are standard for official matches. 

What Is An Ice Hockey Puck Made Of?

The material used in a classic puck is vulcanized rubber. The rubber goes through a chemical treatment that makes itvery resistant to all kinds of abuse and beating. Other than vulcanized rubber there is nothing inside the puck. This consistency in the material adds to the durability and lifespan of the puck.

Pucks for street hockey feature some different designs that allow them to slide smoothly across a concrete surface. If street hockey pucks are what you are looking for then check them out here - Roller Hockey Balls and Pucks.

Политика конфиденциальности Куки Условия