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Race BMX Cranks


The right crankset equals more speed

In race BMX it’s all about acceleration. From you snap from the start gate to you, cross the finish line. The fastest rider is the one who wins.

The crankset is a vital part of developing speed on a race BMX. The crankset helps to transfer power from the rider’s legs to the chainring. Many BMX riders never think there are different sizes of crankarms, but it’s easy to figure out, that smaller crankarms weigh less. Long pedal arms provide more leverage, which allows a higher gearing and thereby more speed.

A crankset for race BMX is typically made from light yet hard aluminum in a durable construction.

Cranksets for race BMX are typically made as a 2-piece construction since this construction allows for the lowest weight possible.

Notice: It’s important to select a crankset that is compatible with the bottom bracket in the frame. The size can be found in the specifications.

Keep your crank in shape

As with all parts on your bike, it’s important to take good care of your crankset. Making sure that your cranks set are tightened correctly and are well greased is important for your performance.

Be aware !! If you tighten your crank too much, it will be harder to pedal, but if you don’t tighten them up enough, you’ll risk that your crankarms will fall off, which can result in you crashing.

In doubt about how to tighten your crank? Check out the instructions from the manufacturer or feel free to contact our BMX experts here at SkatePro.

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