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The BMX Drivetrain Is at the Heart of Your Setup

The BMX drivetrain are the parts of your setup that you use to generate forward motion on the bike. It’s made up of several parts including the chain, pedals, sprockets, and cranks. Here you’ll find all the BMX drivetrain parts for both freestyle and race bikes to upgrade your setup and make sure you’re getting the most from your ride.

Maintaining Your BMX Drivetrain

Over time, all the different parts of your drivetrain will wear out and eventually need replacing. However, there are a few tricks and tips that can be used to help prolong the life of your drivetrain. For example, when it comes to the chain, be sure to regularly lubricate it to help reduce wear. When it comes to the pedals and cranks, make sure that they are tightly fastened. You can easily do this yourself with just a few turns of an Allen key.

To make sure you have the right tools to fix up your BMX, head over to our BMX Bike Tools page for wrenches, chainbreakers and more.

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