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What Ski Accessories Do I Need on My Ski Holiday?

Getting ready for a ski holiday can be challenging because of the amount of clothing and ski equipment you need to bring. Don’t overlook the smaller ski accessories that can make your holiday that bit easier for you.

For skiers that have their own equipment, some of the most popular ski parts to get are ski straps that secure your skis together and ski locks, so your skis won’t be stolen. Many skiers choose to buy ski boots as their first purchase, and they want to look after them as best they can. Ski boot heaters and dryers help remove moisture from the ski boot and preserve the ski boot liners. Toe and heel caps for ski boot soles can be replaced for safety reasons once the original ones have worn down.

Hand Warmers and Foot Warmers Can Save the Day

Hands and feet are normally the first body parts to freeze on cold days or when you’ve miscalculated how many ski layers you should have on. Having cold hands and cold feet can really take the enjoyment out of your ski day, so carrying heating pads in your pocket or backpack is a wise choice.

Single-use hand warmers can often stay warm for up to 12 hours and many types produce heat simply through cracking the heat pad or through contact with air. The same process works for the foot warmers, but it's better to do this inside as it requires taking your ski boots off.

Aside from looking after your hands and feet, remember to care for your skis. Waxing and tuning regularly will make your skis feel amazing when cruising down the slopes. Check out our products for ski care - Ski Maintenance.

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