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Keep Smiling With a BMX Mouthguard

BMX mouthguards help protect your mouth and gums from impacts to the face when riding. They are made out of shock-absorbing materials thereby reducing the risk of dental damages and helping prevent concussion. Many people bite down on their teeth when landing or falling from a jump. However, this can be serious as slamming your jaw shut can lead to a concussion. Using a mouthguard can help reduce this risk.

Most of the BMX mouthguards that you will see here are the “boil and bite” style, where you mold the guard to the shape of your mouth. Here, to get the mouthguard into shape, all you have to do is let the mouthguard sit in boiling water, remove it and then bite down on it for around 30 seconds. This method will vary slightly depending on the product type, so be sure to check out the instructions.

Another way to help protect your face is by riding with a full-face helmet. These can be found in our BMX Helmets category.

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