Tips for Cross Country Ski Poles


Time to change the tips of your ski poles?

The tips are the part of the ski pole, that have the direct contact with the snow. The tips are a delicate matter since they have to be small and sharp enough to easily dig into the snow, but at the same time not be dangerous for the user and the surroundings. If you own a set of less expensive poles, you will probably not have the option to replace the tips, since they are a part of the shaft.

When a set of ski poles are of a certain quality, you will have the option of replacing the tips if they loose their sharpness or breaks, instead of throwing them in the trash can. The tips are usually made as a separate extension on the bottom of the shaft and they are usually made of plastic with a metal tip.

In this category, you will also find a variety of poles with pre mounted baskets and asphalt pads that allow the skier to use their cross country ski poles out on the open road. This is very smart since it will save you some money and some storage place.

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