Marker Duke PT Ski Crampons

Go Exploring With Backcountry Ski Gear

Backcountry ski accessories are needed for you to get the most out of your adventures in the mountains. The backcountry can be an unpredictable place, so it is important to carry appropriate gear for many conditions. For your backcountry ski equipment to work properly, replacing some smaller parts may be required from time to time. Here you will find several parts that can easily be replaced for your backcountry ski bindings or ski boots.

Having a backpack while in the backcountry is the best way to carry smaller equipment that you need throughout your trip. Specific backcountry backpacks are made with compartments to hold hydration bladders, ski carrying attachments and avalanche equipment. To see our collection of avalanche safety equipment, check out Avalanche Beacons and Gear.

What Are Ski Crampons Used For?

Backcountry ski crampons are used for additional traction during ascents up the mountains. When the snow conditions are icy and crusty, backcountry skins are not able to grip as effectively as normal. Attaching ski crampons will improve grip as the sharp metal teeth press into the snow and stop you from slipping. As well as improving the efficiency of backcountry skiers, it can drastically increase their safety.

Do I Need Different Ski Poles for Backcountry Skiing?

It is possible to use normal ski poles, but backcountry ski poles have other design features that are highly beneficial. Adjustable ski poles allow you to change length according to your activity. It’s easier to hike uphill with long poles and then shortened when skiing downhill. Some adjustable ski poles can be shortened to fit outside your backpack and are ideal for splitboarders. They can use the poles for the ascent and then store them away for the ride down.

Extra-long foam grips can be found on some other ski poles. Skiers can safely grip one pole at a different height than the other when they are traversing across a steep slope.

If you feel that it is time to upgrade your backcountry skins or want to get new skis for the winter, check out Backcountry Ski Skins & Alpine Backcountry Skis.

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