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The Omega pad sets from Fuse are the pinnacle of their product range. Incorporating a huge range of cutting-edge technologies that all work together to provide a highly supportive protection set that will be both comfortable, breathable, light and extremely nice to wear for full-day sessions at the local spot or whilst tearing up trails through the city.

Breathability is achieved through the use of Lycra and "Dry Fit" which will help ventilate key areas where heat build-up is an issue. Support is achieved through the merger of Lycra and Kenesio™ bands and to hold it all in place is the epic Sharkskin neoprene grippers.

For a very high level of impact-protection is the newly developed SAS-TEC inserts which are extremely light compared to the level of protection they provide. They are covered by a kevlar layer which makes the Omega pads very durable.

These are the elbow pads of the series which come in black with bright yellow details on the logo and the Kenesio-bands.

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