Spacer 6mm

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Aluminium spacers.
Fits many fitness and hockey rollerblades with 6mm axles.
In contrast to common plastic/nylon spacers, these spaceres do never bent or break, giving you a perfect roll.

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As spacers they are ok.
Mark Sheridan (Abbots Langley)
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Well made but the tolerance for a 6mm spindle is too great. To centre them, I had to wind two turns of insulating tape around a 6mm bolt to get the bearing centred properly. I used them to replace the wheels on a Samsonite bag using 6mm Marine stainless as a spindle. Used on an in-line skate this mis-sizing could result in eccentric turning of the wheels with obvious disadvantages.
Stephen Cronin (LEICESTER)
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nice spacers
Benson CRAVEN (London)
Рейтинг: 5 из 5!
Matched like a glove to my new wheels!
Nikolay Shishkov (Malmö)
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