Section дека для скейта


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Section от Element это эффективная дека для скейтборда сделанная из Семислойный клён. Благодаря конструкции из клена вы ощутите отличный отскок.


Ширина деки:
7.75" (19.7cm)
Длина деки:
31" (78.7cm)
Основа Колеса:
14" (35.6cm)
Материал деки:
Клён, Семислойный
Цвет деки:
Varying top veneer colors
Характеристики деки:
Double kicktail
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Отзывы   (25)

Hello, I’ve Been skating this board for a week or more now, it feels great, very solid and stiff, amazing pop and the shape is very comfortable for me. This board have very long tail and nose, you’ll have lots of room to land your tricks, sometimes I used to land to far forward but still the wide shape of an 8.25 and the long nose aloud me to save it when i land a bit sketchy ahah, so it is a very good board to skate, the only bad bit that unfortunately I have to give is the quality of the graphic underneath, it is very good looking one, it’s my favourite ever but it started to peel off without even scratching it on a rail, i don’t know if I’ve been unlucky with the graphic this time but it is very low quality on my board, as well on the red part (nose) there was a leak of color, very visible bud at the end we are supposed to destroy it day by day. So final verdict is that the board feels grate, flips grate, and it is very solid, but definitely not a board to hang on the wall
Antonio Gulizia (Livingston)
Рейтинг: 5 из 5!
Matthew Wadsworth (East grinstead)
Рейтинг: 5 из 5!
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