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The Iron trucks are produced in Europe which is quite unique. They are perfect for beginners as well as advanced skaters and the nice selection of colors means that you will easily find one that suits your setup. The high-quality mix of aluminum and steel yields a strong truck that is ready for both park and street shredding.

With the classic barrel-cone bushing-setup and 92A durometer urethane material you will get a truck that is very controllable and smooth to skate.

This is the 5.25" High edition which will let you ride larger wheels than mid or low trucks.

Шт. в упаковке:
Тип подвески:
Standard kingpin, Standard hanger
Болты подвески:
Не включено
Хромированная сталь, Алюминий
Высота Подвески (мм):
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2 x Iron High Skateboard Truck (133 - Silver) looks prettie. Weight approx: 340.g - 345.g 1x one. One Truck is bit heavyer than other. But not much. I heard some sayin' that skateboard front is better to be bit heavyer than back. For more control. In this case I can make it like that. Heavy one will be my front truck , lighter one back truck. Iron Trucks have White Star on both trucks middle. And some small writting around Star on circle in Black color.
Arnis Kalejs (Valdemārpils)
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