Integrattron рулевая для самоката


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The shortest stack on the block has just dropped. Integrattron Headset is made by the team over at Proto. A massive effort has gone into creating a lightweight set with as many integrated parts as possible. For instance, the topcap and wedge-ring are now made as a single unit, which not only makes the construction lighter but also stronger and with a lower overall height. This should help make the construction around fork-tubes a lot stronger and help eliminate tube bending in these parts.

Made with a flat black color and with some stunning graphic details.

Тип рулевого стакана:
Встроенный 1 1/8"
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Вилка безрезьбовая
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Ive fitted all makes of headsets,these are top quality,as good as anything out there.
A. Robinson (bonehill tamworth)
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