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Lucky Atom 110mm Pro колесо для самоката

1799 ₽
Диаметр: 110mm
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The Atom pro scooter wheels is one of the strongest 5 spoke wheel out there.

It also uses our split bonding technology to keep the urethane on the core longer. Made for the most demanding riders.

Comes with Lucky Speed bearings and spacers installed, ready to use.

Подшипники и проставки:
Жесткость колес:
Дизайн ступицы:
Со спицами
Диаметр колес:
Колес в коробке:
Материал середины колес:
Алюминий 6061 T6
Профиль колеса:
Точность подшипника:
Не указано
Размер подшипника:
Ширина основания колеса:
Диаметр оси:
Отзывы   (69)
The product came super quick, the wheels were also packaged quite well and there was no damage to any of the packaging. The wheels were perfect and I am still riding them to this day, the stickers that came with the product are very good and stick quite well unlike other brands of stickers. They also gave me all of the relevant information for the product that I would be needing so that if there was any problems I would be able to sort it out with their good customer service, 100% would recommend purchasing products on here every day od the week.
James taylor (Deal)
Рейтинг: 5 из 5!
Excellent quality and fast delivery service, son is really pleased.
Julie Barclay (Wellingborough)
Рейтинг: 5 из 5!
The website image doesn't do them justice. My 14 year old son knew exactly what he was looking for & these fully lived up to his expectation, not only in design but in specification. At £60.00 a pair, I hope they last longer than his previous ones which were worn out after 3 months.
David Rowan (Sidmouth)
Рейтинг: 5 из 5!
Very pleased with this wheel. Very smooth.
Natalie Gruppo (Farnham)
Рейтинг: 5 из 5!
Great wheels solid,well made and stylish, a little pricey but "you get what you pay for" as for the grip tape nice and easy to fit and trim especially after a trip to you tube to find out how to do it properly lol
Mark Easom (Nottingham)
Рейтинг: 5 из 5!
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