Powerslide Road Warrior II Wheel

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A complete replacement Road Warrior Wheel for Nordic skates. Comes with rim, tire and tube - Ready to mount and be on your way.

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A bit disappointing. 2 flats in 4 outings. One resulted in a long walk in ski boots. The other in a totally thrashed tire and tube. Difficult to repair. Tried various air pressures but I couldn't dial in air pressure that achieved satisfactory off-road floatation nor a good enough glide to do a relaxed V2 on pavement. I like the pneumatic concept but it really complicated my workout after years of using solid wheels.
Les Matz (Anchorage)
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I am very sorry that you are unhappy with the product.
I will send this reply as an email so you can respond to us and we can discuss this matter further. Hopefully, we can come to a solution.

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