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The Exoskin Shin & Whip Guards from Triple Eight cover you from below the knees. They have a high density front and since they are thin you can wear them under your trousers. They offer protection for various sports like BMX and mountain biking.

They are made of perforated neoprene with inner lining for breathability. The high density area is made of molded PE and shock absorbing EVA foam makes additional protection beneath the PE.

These protections have four velcro straps to create a secure and good fit.

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Great quality, perfect fit.
Donna Heal (Brooks)
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I loved these but had to send them back. They are lovely, I mean reallllly nicely made and the attention to detail is great. They are simply too small and there is nothing bigger than their large size. I was intending to use these for mountain biking but they would not even do up around my legs. A real shame becayse they are fabulous! If you have calves over, say, 15" or 16" then you'll struggle to even get the straps to extend around. I gave the 5 stars because, if they fit, they are great.
Ben R. (Bristol, South Gloucestershire)
Рейтинг: 5 из 5!
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