Weekender SL 10' надувная доска

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Complete SUP set with a wide and beginner-friendly board

The Weekender SL (Single Layer) 10' Inflatable Paddle Board is a complete stand-up paddleboard package with everything you need to go out on the water and stay there for hours.

The board is made wider than most others in order to add stability and make it easier to balance on. It's designed for all-around paddling and is highly suitable for beginners.

The board comes in an inflatable design and the paddle can be split into 3 pieces, making the whole set very handy for storage and transportation.

Technical features

  • Made from super solid Armor Strength PVC materials
  • Constructed with dropstitch technology to securely fuse the top and bottom together
  • EVA-foam padded surface for a comfortable and slip-free stance - even when it's wet
  • Adjustable 3'-8' paddle in a convenient 3-piece quick-release design, made from light aluminum


  • 1x inflatable Weekender 10' SUP
  • 1x paddle in an adjustable 3-piece design
  • 1x waterproof cellphone case
  • 1x bag to carry it all in
  • 1x surf leash
  • 3x removable fins
Предназначение SUP:
10' (305cm)
30'' (76.2cm)
Толщина Продукта:
6'' (15.2cm)"
Вес Продукта:
Давление PSI:
15 PSI
Вес Пользователя:
65kg - 125kg
Включенные аксессуары:
Сумка, Весло, Насос, Набор для ремонта, Дополнительный Плавник, Phone Bag, Поводок
Отзывы   (3)
The parcel came only with a delay of one day, which is very good. When unpacking, the orange bottle was completely broken, and the entire bag and board were moldy. The mold has washed away. Can you send a working bottle or do I have to return the whole set?
Olena Nozdrina (Bantry)
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