Salomon Driver Visor - Lens Ski Helmet

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SkatePro DeLuxe Helmet and Ski Bootbag
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SkatePro DeLuxe Helmet and Ski Bootbag
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With the Driver from Salomon you get both a ski helmet and built in lens in one. So if you don't want to bother with messing around with remembering ski goggle and helmet this solution might be interesting for you. The lens is for bright sunny weather (Lens: Flash Blue S3 VLT 13%) and it is still changeable.

For a snug fit the Driver ski helmet has a dial wheel in the neck and the lining is made with soft merino wool for the best warming and evaporation properties. The Active Ventilation System lets you adjust ventilation and thereby also temperature.

It is made with an optimized EPS 4D molding the protects for efficiently and the lens/goggle construction lets you wear your regular glasses under (OTG = Over The Glasses).

Inclusive an extra lens for snowy weather and low light conditions (Lens: Tonic Orange S1 VLT 48%).

Including a simple helmet bag

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EN 1077:2007, ASTM 2040-11
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