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Out Of Earth Ski Goggles

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SkatePro x Gogglesoc Ski Goggle Cover
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Gogglesoc Ski Goggle Cover
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These Out Of Earth ski goggles come with Out Of's Dual Frame construction. It compiles layers of varied foam and frame materials for a combination of impact protection, comfort and easily changeable lenses.

The form of the Earth goggles provides skiers, Snowboarders and other winter sports enthusiasts with a full field of vision and a customizable fit. A perfect goggle for those looking to ride Freestyle/Freeride and for skiers of intermediate or advanced level.

The Earth frame is helmet compatible and comes with full perimeter channel venting for a fog free experience.

These Earth Skate ski goggles with the Green MCI lens is intended for sunny to slightly overcast days. But they will also be good for partly sunny weather. The added lens is for low light conditions like snow or cloudy weather.

Microfiber bag is included.

Lens Light Conditions:

  • Green MCI: S3 Partly Sunny - but not overcast
  • Persimmon by Carl Zeiss: S1 Cloudy/Snowy
Линза для погодных условий:
Снег, Облачно, Переменная облачность
Заменяемые линзы:
Совместимы со шлемом:
Противотуманная Технология:
Anti fog
Hypoallergenic triple density 15mm
Дополнительная линза:
Дополнительные Линзы:
Persimmon by Carl Zeiss
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