Kingpin And Alpinist Ski Binding Crampons


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The Kingpin Crampons (also compatible with Marker Alpinist pintech binding) are purpose-built to go together with the Marker Kingpin Touring Binding. For the avid back-country alpine skier this could mean the difference between going up steep and previously un-accessible paths or taking a long way around the mountain instead.

Not only do they provide you with ample grip on steep slopes, but they will also dig in when the surface is very icy or hard-packed. And the level of friction on the feed-forward is hardly noticeable.

Available in three widths - So make sure to choose the one fit for your size Kingpin binding.

Suitable for ski widths (arm width/ski waist width) :

  • 90cm: 75 - 90mm
  • 105cm: 90 - 105mm
  • 120cm: 105 -120mm
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