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Marker Kingpin 10 Ski Bindings

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Цвет: Золотой
Размер: 100mm-125mm
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Note: Fits only pin tech compatible alpine touring ski boots.

Both lightweight and solid. This binding from Marker called the Kingpin 10 Ski binding is for alpine touring. If you love the back country skiing and likes to make your own way through the powder on the back side of the mountain this binding will do it for you. The binding fits alpine touring ski boot with the pin tech connection system.

The binding has an certified DIN/ISO release function and a very precise power transfer underlining the feeling of freedom in the back country.

Choose between two widths (75-100mm or 100-125mm)

  • Brake width: 75-100mm or 100-125mm
  • Climbing positions (heel): 0° / 7° / 13°
  • Heel piece can be adjusted lengthwise app. 15mm

Notice: If purchasing both skis and bindings from us, we mount your bindings for free. If applicable, add the following information as a comment to your order, under delivery in the checkout process:

  • Your ski boots outer length in mm (normally imprinted on the sole)
  • Your weight
  • Your skiing level (novice, intermediate or expert)
Совместимо с

Найти совместимые запчасти для Marker Kingpin 10 Ski Bindings:

Совместимо с
МодельШирина скистопаВес
75mm-100mm - Золотой100mm1300g
100mm-125mm - Золотой125mm1460g
100mm-125mm - Черный/Красный--
Высота Платформы:
Тип Ботинка:
Ботинки для туринга Pintech
Диапазон DIN:
5.0 - 10.0
Тип Креплений:
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The best touring bindings you can get. The kingpin delivers great response to the skis and is easy to put into walk mode.
Jody F. (Bozeman)
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