Powerslide World Cup Trinity Speed Skate Boot

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The World Cup Trinity Speed skate boot aims high when it comes to speed and power transfer plus long distance training and racing.

These boots has high lateral support due to the high cuff and the smart dial fitting system. It is simple, light weight and provides good comfortable fit for the best transfer of power.

It features the smart trinity 3-point mounting that lowers the center of gravity and enhances the power transfer. (Fits only trinity frames)

The boot has a carbon and glass fibre shell and comes with anatomical padding placed strategically around the ankle and tendon area.

Материал ботинка:
Углеродное волокно, Стекловолокно
Система скоростной шнуровки
Высокая боковая поддержка
Отзывы   (5)
Very comfortable, light and cool boots. I have run several marathons with those without any issues. Just mount a decent frame and good wheels and bearings and you will have the best long distance speed skate.
Mauricio Acosta (North Miami Beach)
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So much better than the uncomfortable NEXT boots my skates came with. I was pleasantly surprised, but the boot is actually quite rigid and holds the foot well. I was worried that it would be too soft and that my feet would have to do all the work, that was surprisingly not the case.
Remi Daviet (Philadelphia)
Рейтинг: 5 из 5!
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