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The Shadow Conspire BMX Glove is the ultimate glove. It combines all materials and designs that have been the hallmark of Shadow Racing Gear.
It's build up with lightweight synthetic leather materials, which provides a very flexible and comfortable glove. It also provides the rider with an ultimate firmly grip due to silicone print on the palm of the glove.
The Shadow Conspire BMX Glove features a tiny hook-and-loop closure and stretchable neoprene materials adding more adjustability than traditional closure gloves.
Riding gloves provide you with a better grip, eliminating the challenges of sweaty hands. Gloves are also more gentle to your wrists, lowering the impact when landing.
This glove is meant for BMX riders but works perfectly fine for scooter riders as well.

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Love these gloves and was happy with the service from you too
Ammanda Turner (Galashiels)
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