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TSG All Terrain Crash Pants

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These softshell All Terrain Crash Pants from TSG are practical for most roller sports for protection of upper thighs, hips and tailbone areas.

The slim fit and choice of materials make them feel like a second skin and make them comfortable to wear for extended skate sessions.

The body is made of Lycra whereas the foam used is made from EVA. A rubberband at the waist makes them stay in place.

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I haven't had to try these out yet, but the shorts have a good coverage of padding and should give sufficient protection when needed. I've only given them three stars because the padding is not removable and they have "don't wash" labels in them, however they get very sweaty in hot weather, so I've tried hanging them on the washing line in the sun and spraying them with fabric freshener which I hope will work and stop them getting too rank.
Graham Marsden (Portsmouth)
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