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Powerslide Nordic Grave Digger Trinity 200 внедорожные ролики

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Nordic Grave Digger Trinity 200 отличный выбор, если вы устали от асфальтированных дорог. Внедорожные ролики Nordic Grave Digger Trinity 200 от Powerslide маломерят. Мы рекомендуем выбирать на один размер больше, чем ваш обычный размер обуви. Эти ролики хорошо подойдут, если у вас немного узкая нога.

  • Алюминиевая рама дает хорошую управляемость оставаясь при этом очень легкой
  • Сверхнизкая установка Trinity оптимизирует ваш баланс и контроль, так как колеса устанавлены настолько близко к ботинку, насколько это возможно
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Отзывы   (10)
These skates are built tough! I skated 1300K on them last summer and fall and never had a failure. I live in an area that gets little snow and these are the tool that will allow you to get in ski shape. They work great on gravel, pavement, and packed dirt trails. The only flaw is the china assembly, my rear brake was mounted crooked but the performance of the skate makes me forget about the flaw. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants a great ski workout. The Grave Digger delivers !!
David Deverell (Plover)
Рейтинг: 5 из 5!
Powerslide Nordic Grave Digger Trinity 200 Nordic Skates is a great product. Like it very much.
Pavel S. (Washington)
Рейтинг: 5 из 5!
The skates are great, however boots and returns policy is misleading. The skates are great and 200mm wheels are perfect for off-road roller skiing, however, the boots have no quick release mechanism possible from the skate and the closing bindings are really awkward to remove. I have already snapped the top strap but Skatepro supplied me with a replacement early on. If I was buying these again, I would choose another system which allowed me to use my own boots. Next, the 365 days return on the Skatepro site is misleading, as when I realised that I didn't like the boots, then advised me that they would make a deduction in the refund of the skate, since they would be used. Whilst this is perfectly reasonable, I would suggest that their headline promise of 365 days return is really misleading. I really like the skates and Skatepro have been good but the misleading comments and poor design of the boot means 3 stars from me.
Barry Bassett (Benenden and Cranbrook Ward)
Рейтинг: 3 из 5!
Ответ SkatePro:  Thank you for your review.

We are sorry to hear the skates weren't quite what you wanted and that you feel our return policy could have been worded differently.

The reason why we have to deduct money for used goods is that we cannot sell them as new, as long as goods are returned in new condition you can receive a full refund within 365 days.

This information is available here: https://www.skatepro.uk/d20.htm

We offer a generous 365-day return policy so that our customers don't need to stress about returning certain items in busy periods/during holidays.

If you have any further questions or if there is anything we can do for you please reach out to us.

Thanks to Natalie and everyone at SkatePro for making the return process and the Grave Digger purchase process as smooth as possible. The skates are awesome - Mange tak!
Gregory W. Zielinski (Fenton)
Рейтинг: 5 из 5!
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