Carbonfibre Classic Roller Skis


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The Carbonfibre rollerskis - these are the popular wood core model from Swenor for the more lightweight skiers with a weight up to around 75kg.

These rollerskis are light weight with excellent snow-like feel. Carbonfibre provides a great roll on asphalt and shock damping due to the sandwich wood core construction and the rubber wheels. The wheels are slightly smaller on this model compared to the Swenor Fibreglass and Finstep - this enhances stability.

A great choice for beginners and advanced skiers from juniors to adults.

Notice: When purchasing both skis and bindings from us, we mount your bindings for free. If applicable, add your boot size as a comment to your order.

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Тип роликов:
Система совместимости креплений:
NNN/NIS, Turnamic, SNS Классический, Prolink, Rottefella MOVE™
Основание колеса:
720 мм
Не включены
Высота рамы:
23 mm
Ширина рамы:
40 mm
Материал рамы:
Стекловолокно, Легкая древесина
Дорожный Просвет:
30 mm
Тип вилки:
Внешний болт включен
Материал колес:
Литая резина
Материал вилки:
Размер колес:
Установленная плата:
Без установленной платы
Ширина колеса:
Скорость колеса:
Стандартный (2)
Функция Подшипников:
One Way
Тип тормоза:
Не включено
Собрано частично
Рекомендуемый вес пользователя:
50 - 55kg, 55 - 60kg, 60 - 65kg, 65 - 70kg, 70 - 75kg
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I am new to the sport, last time I actually did that was on cross country skis when I was 10, back in Courchevel... i needed something to get back in shape, without having to drive miles away with skis or Mtb on the car roof rack. At first it takes a few times, to get used to keep a balance on the rollers. wheels are not quite flat like I though they were, I guess they are like that so you can push sideway and skate. Definitely do buy carbon made, it really helps cutting the vibrations on rough roads.
Laurent Sauvanet (Secaucus)
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