Base Kit Prep Grip

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The Base Prep Grip Kit is a complete kit for cleaning and preparing the wax zone on your classic cross country skis.

Included in this kit:

  • Scraper with sandpaper
  • Wax Remover
  • Fiberlene Paper
  • Base Spray
  • Synthetic cork-block

Notice: Wax for various temperatures is not included.

1) Cleaning: Use the sharp side of the scraper. Clean the kick zone from old kick wax by scraping it off.

2) Cleanse: Use wax remover on Fiberlene paper and wipe the kick zone base to remove the last remainings of the old kick wax.

3) Preparing for new wax: When the wax remover has evaporated, use sandpaper on the scraper to rub the kick zone area. Now wipe and then spray one layer of Base Spray - only in the kick zone and let the moisture dry out.

4) Now that you are done cleaning and preparing your skis for the right kick zone wax accordingly to the temperature, you can add the kick zone wax (bought separately) to the kick zone, based on the temperatures you are going to ski in. You can warm the kick wax into the base with the synthetic cork-block in this package.

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