How To Build A Skateboard

In this guide SkatePro team rider Hjalte, shows how to build and assemble a skateboard.

The 8 steps on how to build a skateboard

Tools needed: A knife and a skate tool (9/16” kingpin socket, 1/2” axle nut socket, 3/8” hardware socket, Phillips screwdriver and an allen wrench)

  1. First, you need to put on the grip tape. Remove the paper from the grip tape (so it gets sticky) and place the sticky side of the tape facing downwards - then carefully put it on top of the deck. Make sure to place it centered on the deck. Slowly, press down the grip tape with the paper you just removed from the grip tape.
  2. Make a cut in each corner of the grip tape and then scratch the edges of the board with a tool, in order to create guidelines for the cut out of the grip tape. Then, cut of the excessive grip tape along the line.
  3. Scratch the sides of the grip tape with the remaining grip tape, to get some more durable grip tape edges.
  4. Create holes for the bolts. Poke a hole through the eight spots with a pointy tool (e.g. a thin allen key). Use a Phillips screwdriver to create a bigger hole from the other side of the deck.
  5. Mount the trucks. Insert the bolts in the eight holes you just made, followed by attaching the trucks. Screw the nuts on the bolts – tighten them with a skate tool.
  6. Install 2 bearings in each wheel. Place one bearing at the time in the wheel – use your hands to press down on the wheel, so the bearing gets almost inside the wheel.
  7. Mount the wheels. Place them on the trucks and tighten the nuts with a skate tool. Make sure not to tighten them too much, because then the bearings might get broken.
  8. Go for a ride!

You are always welcome to contact us, if you are still in doubt about how to build a skateboard.

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