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Roller Hockey Goals

A street hockey goal set brings hours of fun

The goal sets in this category will truly bring hours of fun to the schoolyard, youth club or the local street. Some of our street hockey goal sets come with two goals, a ball and two hockey-sticks. So with a set like this, you will be ready for a game of street hockey or floorball in no time.

Playing street hockey is really a great way to spend time with friends or family and if you buy a set of roller hockey goals, we guarantee you that the local street will never be the same. As mentioned above, the street hockey goal sets will also be great for floorball. The two games are very similar and can be carried out with minimal equipment.

Get your own shooting tutor

We also carry a few shooting tutors that can be mounted on the street hockey goal. This piece of equipment is perfect for training and perfecting your aim in the various areas of the goal that is the toughest for the goalkeeper to safe. This is the corners, the bottom in the middle and in the sites of the goal.

We also sell a few mini hockey sets that are perfect for younger children who are about to learn the joys of street hockey.

In this category, you can find goals for street hockey. The goals come in various sizes so that you can find a goal that fits your needs in regards to the playing field size and player sizes.

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