Tape for ice hockey

How to apply hockey stick tape

If you want to expand the lifetime of your hockey stick, we highly recommend, that you wrap the wooden stick blades with hockey stick tape. This will also give you better control of the puck and it give you the possibility to add more spin to the puck. You can choose to tape up the entire blade, or just the part where you usually hit the puck - this is a matter of personal preference.

You start by applying tape on the edges of the blade. Then you take the tape roll and start by the toe and just drags it all the way around - working your way to the heel end. For the best result, you should also add some kind of wax, when the tape has been applied. The type of wax is not crucial, and it can be anything from ski or surf wax to an old candle wax.

Build up the knob with a napkin

Some players also like to apply hockey grip tape on the top of the stick, since this gives you a better grip and feel of the entire stick.

Many hockey sticks, comes without the knob at the end of the grip area, but some players actually prefer to have this knob, for them to quickly find the right place for their upper hand. When you apply your grip tape you can easily make your own knob by using a small napkin. If you apply the hockey grip tape very tight around the napkin at the end, you will get a great result. When you get skilled at applying tape in the grip area, you can start experimenting with different patterns and putting cord underneath for a even better grip.

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