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Choose the right cross country junior skis - the first time

Cross country skiing is a great sport and a great opportunity for families to spend some quality time together. That being said cross country skiing can easily be a stamina and physically exhausting sport - if this is your goal.

"Poor equipment, equipment that doesn't fit, or skis that are poorly prepared for the snow conditions may lead to a negative ski experience that can have a lasting impression on a child.”

This quote is from a Canadian parent's guide to cross country ski equipment, and it emphasizes the importance of getting your child the right equipment early in their “skiing career.”

How long should cross country junior skis be?

When choosing a set of cross country kids ski a rule of thumb is, that the skis should reach just below the wrist of the skier's outstretched arm. It is important to point out, that this indeed is a rule of thumb since many manufacturers have their own recommendations. These will be stated under the product specifications.

Most of our junior cross country skis come in different lengths from 100 cm. to 170 cm. (39 - 66 inches). A few of our skis only come in one or two lengths.

When your kid has developed their skills on cross country skis and start gliding further, it is time to look a bit at the junior segment within nordic skis. For juniors, we recommend that the length of the ski is about 10cm longer than the user's height. Skis for juniors can be both waxable and waxless.

Choosing a waxable ski is inviting the junior skiers to get a bit more involved in the ski preparation process. Waxing nordic skis with your kid can be a nice activity that will educate the kids a bit within temperatures and how the climate will affect the nordic skis.

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