Undercover wheels

Undercover Antirocker Wheels 4-Pack

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Диаметр: 45mm
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Super hard material 102a results in minimal flat spots and fast grinds. UDC core.

The Undercover Antirocker Grind wheels are 45mm in diameter.

Отзывы   (4)
Hi, anti-rocker UC grind wheels are awesome, along with my Wicked ABEC 9 Bearings I now have a great set up however, unfortunately the spacers I added to my order did not fit, they weren't suitable for these UC Grind Wheels so I had to switch my spacers from wheels 1 & 4 from my original set up & replaced them with the new spacers. With all that said, I'm very happy with my purchase.
Paul Nesbitt (County Dublin)
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